Chris ...


"Before learning with Brendan, I had done 20 hours  of lessons with another instructor from a well established driving  organisation and was getting no-where. I was not confident, felt like I  wasn't being taught and was even panicking about lessons the night  before they were booked.
I got Brendan's  details from my wife whom he has recently taught to drive and started  lessons with him. Soon I was feeling happier and more confident driving,  I felt as if I was learning and improving and I begin to relax and  enjoy driving.
He is a highly competent and  patient instructor whom is focussed on the tuition and safety of his  pupils who understands each learner is different and will take the time  to find the approach that works best for each individual. I would highly  recommend any learner driver to take lessons with Brendan and am sure  that with his help, if you are willing to put the effort in to your  driving, you will pass."

Kashif …..

 “Brendan is a brilliant instructor … with his own unique way of teaching  pupils to a very high standard. Brendan is a fun guy to be with and  makes you feel at ease when you’re at the wheel… After I had passed my  test 5 of my friends  have gone and done their lessons with him and have  only got good things to say!   

 If you’re looking for an amazing instructor then Brendan McLaughlin is the guy to phone! ” 


 "Brendan  has the patience of a saint and his way of explaining things is very  clear, he makes it very easy to understand. Not only had a laugh with  him but also managed to pass my test with only 1 minor on my first  attempt. Gives you great advice on driving and doesn't just train you to  pass your test but makes sure you will be a competent driver at the end  of it. Would recommend to anyone looking to do lessons and pass their  test, Thank again Brendan."